Draft Kings / Fan Duel

Monument Public Affairs

Statewide campaign advocating for clarification on the legality of fantasy sports in Texas

Draft Kings and Fan Duel are the two largest operators in the Fantasy Sports Industry. The two firms engaged the Monument Group to amass a coalition of major industry operators, sports fans, champions of free markets and limited government, consumer activists and Texas residents who believe Texans have the right to play fantasy sports.

Fantasy sports came into the spotlight in Texas after the Attorney General opined that the games were illegal under Texas law. Draft Kings and Fan Duel engaged The Monument Group to better understand local and statewide political dynamics, identify and recruit allies, provide media and messaging counsel and run grasstops outreach. The Monument Group provides strategic communications counsel for the two firms as it works to educate both lawmakers and the public about fantasy sports in Texas. The companies aim not only to educate stakeholders and lawmakers but also to advocate for common sense legislation that protects players while allowing this growing industry to prosper in Texas.

By assembling a coalition comprised of Fantasy Sports companies, legislators, consumer activists, and the millions of Texans who play fantasy sports, The Monument Group has given these previously separate parties a collaborative front and unified voice.