Crown Castle

Monument PR

Statewide Messaging and Outreach Strategy to Educate and Mobilize Stakeholders on the Critical Need for Improving Wireless Infrastructure

Houston-based Crown Castle , the nation’s largest provider of wireless infrastructure, engaged The Monument Group to provide strategic communications counsel surrounding the implementation of guidelines for improving wireless infrastructure.

The Monument Group branded, launched, and manages a coalition of stakeholders under the Texas 5G Alliance with the goal to educate Texans on the exciting possibilities of 5G technology and to advocate for the infrastructure that will be required to meet the demands of smart cities. The coalition provides a unified and powerful voice on a complex issue that requires significant education of both the public and policy makers to generate action. Our efforts for Crown Castle and the Alliance include developing messaging, website and infographic development, recruiting and mobilizing coalition members and third-party advocates, engaging with the media, and coordinating awareness of the Alliance as interest and implementation of 5G Technology continues to expand throughout the state.